XCM Uvati vitar has shined in its full glory!

Marathon “Uvati vitar” in Sutivan on the island Brač experienced real-world renaissance this weekend.

It’s hard to be objective when it comes to your own children, family or friends, however this time it is immeasurably easier, considering that I was not involved at all in the organization of the race so I could openly comment on the work of the Biker team that for the first time embarked in the Organization of the race of this type. Unlike all of the other articles, the conclusion of this article needs to be put right at the beginning – Sutivan pulled the right move when this marathon jewel has left in the hands of Biker team. But let’s start in order.

All those who has followed the MTB scene in Croatia, are aware that in Croatia there are a few marathons that are organized without or within the XCM Croatian Cup. Also Adria Bike did not appear that long ago, a crew of few people who organizired marathons, on Plitvice, Fužine, but also in our beautiful islands Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab, separately from the Croatian Cup. With some exceptions, these are the most popular and visited marathons by mountain bikers and amateurs, and they have greatly raised the ladder of race organization on a higher level. The Biker has gathered around a team where top individuals and people who live cycling, but also sports in general, have found themselves. If we get a closer look to the race “Uvati vitar” through the prism of the quality of the organisation of the race, I conclude that Sutivan has selected the right partners. In fact, since the announcement of the race, it is announced through the digital and printed media, sign-in options via the web platform, the purchase of a start package that has offered accomodation possibilities, everything was so good. Communications with the competitors was very good so they can get all of the important informations. There was also discount on the ferry to the island, all the way up to the rich expo zone with almost all domestic distributors of bikes, parts and equipment, and very attractively decorated starting- target line – so everything was absolutely in place. With all beautiful views by the day and night town Sutivan fascinates me! I had the feeling that I am on a truly special place. And so it was. Most contestants arrived on the island a day early, more precisely on Friday, and they had opportunity to meet all organization crew.

In fact, you could, already then, pick up a starter package on the boat beside the Exhibitor’s expo zone which was already on friday afternoon, according to the exhibitors themselves, justifying their meaning and their efforts. Exposed bikes, parts and accessories very much were the subject of interest of the crowd of cyclists, but also the local population and their guests.
While organizers under the leadership of the race director pulled the last moves, the contestants were spending time looking around the narrow center of the place, drinking or dining at one of the restaurants that were ready for us bikers. The race pack was exceptionally rich, including a great specialized Bidon, a T-shirt, a variety of nutritional products, a track profile sticker, two magazines, a small and practical backpack from the sponsor “Continental”, and a competitive bracelet that got its full meaning at the end of the Saturday.

The race started exactly at 11 am with an enclosed ride along the coast. Soon after, the safety vehicles moved off the side and the competitors, especially those more prepared, raised the tempo. According to the profile of the path it was evident that the first part would mark a longer climb in the beginning, regardless it should be noted that the 38km and 835m climbing paths were not monotonous – they had everything that the XC marathon must have.
The track had everything, from the beginning of the straighter part, through somewhat broader macadam climb, then a single downhill slope that even gave problems to those with full suspension bikes, and up to somewhat steep climbs where you had to work hard, on some parts even the toughest riders had problems because of the losing ground and the slopes, simply… the track was colorful and not boring at all even for me considering that I am not a fan of long races. The end of the trail offered wavy terrains and beautiful paths along the beach.

In the race, it was possible to choose one of three lengths of tracks: Bonaca (18km and 286m uphill), Vitar (38km and 835m uphill) and Bura (op. 70km and 1600 meters uphill).

We have almost completely changed the course compared to last year. Even 80% of the trails have been changed due to the maximum efforts and volunteers and the concrete support of the Sutivan Tourist Board, Sutivan Municipality, Supetar and Milna, as well as the Sutivan Utility Company whose employees led by our Davor were heroically filed a great deal of organizational burden.“, said Rocco after the race and announced that next season’s race will bring even more novelties that are already diligent but carefully prepared and planned.


Paula Vrdoljak and Matjaz Budin took the 1st place of the longest and most certainly the most difficult path. Slovenian Budin after the race could not hide the thrill and said:
I was here for the first time, last year I did not drive the race and I was really sad about it because I had never drove in such a beautiful marathon“.Budin added that he was impressed by the views, especially the part of the bike ride from Vidova gora.

I took off with Šangulinom (op.a. Robert Šangulin) and Pokupcem (op.a. Zvonimir Pokupec) immediately at the start of the race, and after Pokupec fell to the downhill, Šangulin and I drove together up to fifteen kilometers to the finish, when I was steadily on the steep rise and furthered out. I knew that this is enough to win” added Budin, who continued a number of excellent results achieved in Croatia during his career.

Josip Papec and Marin Pejdo were winners of the middle length path, thy were not alone – competition on that track was very numerous.
Renata Ogrizek and Jere Lukšić were the fastest and the most skilful on the shortest track.
At the end of the race, all competitors looked for rest in nearby restorants, expo zones, and nearby beaches, where they recounted race events. At least in my opinion, apart from all the additional content at the end of the race, for competitors path is the most important thing, fast tracking of results (the winner list) and food, and if it is judged all together, they went their homes probably happy and satisfied. Feed zones were pretty well positioned, and plenty of products could be found on the table, from several types of fruit, energy plates, chocolate, carbonated and isotonic drinks to dry biscuits.

Apart from the lack of some direction arrows, which at least did not cause me any problems, it’s hard to find a objection in „Uvati vitar“ marathon. More than that, the entire race was quite “covered” by numerous volunteers and insurance companies who, in my opinion, did their job absolutely impeccable.

Smiling faces and the great mood is what will be at the center of Sutivan at the end of this event, with plenty of top quality food and live music, will surely continue till the dawn. Although it is not known whether one of the present “got the wind”, it is well known that many will “pick up” numerous and valuable prizes on the raffle (bicycle, motorbike, clocks …) I have “captured” wonderful memories for which I will return to the same place next year.


Photo: Biker