Uvati vitar 2019 - bike marathon

Race rules and Terms&Conditions


By registrating for the “Uvati vitar 2019” MTB race organized by TZ Sutivan, the participants will be eligible to participate in the race, which will be held on 18th of May 2019. on the island of Brač, with start and finish in Sutivan. The race has recreational character and for the participation in the race, no license is required. For participation of younger than 18 years, parents signature is required. The number of participants in the race is limited to 300 contestants.

Only those who have applied through the website www.uvati-vitar.hr and registered at the info desk in the start/finish zone can participate in the race. Info pult will be open on 17th of May from 18:00 to 21:00 and on 18th of May from 7:30 to 9:00. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify all competitors with valid entry fee but who didn’t registered at the info pult in the time limit.

By submitting the application, the participants accept race rules and terms&conditions and give the rights to the organizer to use their personal information (name, surname, address, year of birth, gender, contact number, e-mail address). The application is personal and is not transferable to other persons. The participants agree that their photos, name and surname are used for promotional purposes of the race and that their data is used for:

  • informing them about the event for which they are registrated
  • informing on other events organized by a organizer
  • submitting questionnaires on satisfaction with the race
  • prize games and other promotions organized by the Biker team

The organizer and the promoter use the information in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 / European Parliament.
Participants can at any time request deletion of their data from the Organizer’s and Promotor’s database.


Participants participate individually and will be divided by age and gender categories, according to the following categories:

  • Men: 18 – 39 years (born from 1st of January 1980. – 16th of May 2001.)
  • Men Masters: 40-49 years (born from 1st of January to 31st of Decembar 1979.)
  • Men Grand Masters: 50+ (born from 1st of January 1970.)
  • Women

Health condition

All participants must ensure that they are physically and mentaly ready to participate in the race, participants must contact their physician and check their health status and have the physician’s permission to withstand the physical requirements of the race. The organizer may request a doctor’s license when registering if the contestant shows weaknesses.

Competitors package

With paid entry fee, competitors will receive:

  • start number and the right to participate in the race
  • electronic time measurement
  • live results
  • marked race trails
  • refreshment areas with drinks (water, isotonic, coca cola) and snacks (fruits, energy bars, gel, cakes)
  • rescue service and medical service
  • track profiles
  • start package that includes a T-shirt and sponsor gifts
  • volunteers on the track

uvati vitar 2019

Start number and timing chip

Each competitor will get a start number with a timing chip which must be attached to the front of bicycle, so that the number is visible from the front at any time of the race.

Start and finish of the race

Start and finish of the race is in Sutivan, on 18th of May 2019. at 10:00 AM, for all categories. The starting line will be opened 30 minutes before the start and participants must be there at least 10 minutes before the race start.
A participant who appear in the starting position within 15 minutes after the official start will be allowed to start, after 15 minutes from the official start there will no longer be allowed to start and all registered competitors will be in the results under DNS (Did Not Start).

The time of each competitor’s race starts with gun shot. The participant completes the race by passing through the finish line where the chip measurement system is located. A participant will be admitted to the race if he has reached the finish line and has not violated any of the above rules of the race.

Trail courses

When applying for a race, contestants choose one of the three trail courses they want to compete on, which are defined by the length of the trail. Bura route is 70+ km long, Vitar trail 40+ km and Bonaca 20+ km. Depending on the selected course, each race participant will have to pass one or more checkpoints whose location will not be previously published.
Race participants must keep on marked trail of the race all the time.
A detailed description of the course, length and height profile will be posted on the race website and sent to the contestants before the race by e-mail. Course of the race will pass some public roads that will not be closed for traffic. During the passage of public roads, participants of the race must respect traffic regulations. The organizer will work in cooperation with the police to adapt maximally the traffic regulation to the needs of the race by closing the parts of the road, warning and stopping other traffic participants, and alerting the participants in the race on upcoming vehicles.
Eventual changes in the race course are possible until 12.5.2019. till 23:59 by e-mail sent to info@uvati-vitar.hr. The organizer reserves the right to change the race track before the start of the race.
On the race course, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of drinks and waste containers.

Mandatory and recommended equipment

All competitors must wear a protective bicycle helmet all time during the race.
Competitors must wear footwear and clothes suitable for weather conditions during the race as well as to have drink bottle with themselves.
Also, it is a good idea to bring with you basic equipment and a repair tool for bikes.

Technical condition of bicycles

Competitors must use only bicycles designed for mountain biking, powered by human power. All participants must ensure the technical safety of their bicycles, in particulary in terms of safety (brakes). Organizer reserves the right to disqualify competitors with defective or inappropriate bicycles.

It is forbidden to use bags and trailers, non-flexible drink dispensers (glass, metal …), electric bicycles and tandem bicycles.

Refreshment zones

One or more refreshment zones will be located on the race course depending on the course selection, where participants will be able to get drinks and water as well as energy bars and fruit.
The participant is obliged to take care of the drinks and food during the race, the organizer will ensure that there is enough food and liquid in the refreshment zones.

Results and award ceremony

The award ceremony will be after the race. Exact time will be published on the official website.

Prizes will be given during the award ceremony. If the prize winners do not appear at the ceremony, the prize money will be forwarded for charity purposes.

All results will be posted on the web site at the end of the race.

uvati vitar 2019


Each competitor is responsible for his own safety during the race. The race organizer takes no responsibility for any injuries or damages that a competitor has suffered or caused.

All competitors are obliged to sign a statement that they overtake all the risks related to the participation in the race. The Organizer reserves the right to prohibit competition to participants who do not comply with these Terms&Condition and Race Rules.
The competitor is aware and agrees that the Uvati Vitar is a race of endurance, extreme sport and there is a risk of serious injury, illness, death and / or damage to participants, sports and other equipment.
The competitor is aware and understands that the Uvati Vitar marathon requires skills that require mountain biking, that the race will be driven on the stone and steep paths, white roads, whose difficulty can additionally be affected by weather conditions such as rain and wind.

The Organizer is not responsible for any damage of the equipment, competitors or any third party. The competitor waives the right to claim damages from the organizer. The competitor is obligated to have a valid medical insurance in the Republic of Croatia, the organizer does not bear the costs of medical care, treatment.

Behaviour during the race

All participants must follow fair-play rules during the race and pay attention to other participants in the race, other people and the environment. Race participants are obliged to drive cautiously, in accordance with their skills and abilities, especially on downhill sections.

Slower participants must allow the faster ones to pass. Race participants must report to the nearest official person any incidents or violations of the rules that they notice during the race.
In the case of an accident, the participants of the race are obliged to provide emergency medical assistance to other participants in the race. Helping other persons in racing, pushing, or crafting a vehicle is not allowed.

Food, beverages, clothing or spare parts may be added by persons that are not competing as well as providing medical assistance by the racing organizers.

Abandonment during race

Participants who are unable to finish the race must report to the organizer upon arrival at the finish line.
In case of non-arrival of the participant, the organizer will initiate the rescue action by the rescue team on the cost of the person for whom it is being searched.
In the case medical problems, the participant can report to any official person of the organizer.
In case of any technical probles with bicycle, or injury of participant, it is necessary, if possible, to move from the race course to allow the pass of the other participants in the race.

Cancellation of the race

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or terminate the race at any time in case of unforeseeable situations, and disturbance of the safety of race participants. In that case, participants of the race are not entitled to get compensation for damage.

Refund of entry fee

Contestant has no right to get refund for paid starting fee in case of cancelation.
Competitor may request to change the participant’s details and to assign it to the other person with an additional charge of 20 kn, that can be requested till the start of the race. To change the data, you need to submit a request with the entry code and new data (Name, Surname, Email, Birth Date, Size of T- Shirt , Country, Gender, Track, Phone) – to mail: info@uhvati-vitar.hr .

Penalties and sanctions

The organizer reserves the right to suspend the competitor with the bike that does not comply with the rules. Warn contesters whose start number is not visible. To issue a warning to competitors who obstruct other competitors, hold to a motorized vehicle during race or fails to comply with traffic regulations. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify competitors for dangerous / aggressive driving, riding without helmet, threatening and insulting, not finishing the race, taking doping, not complying with race rules (routes, start, controls, etc.).