Impressions of Uvati vitar 2017.


How it was on „Uvati vitar 2017“

The race that has already promised a lot, has filled everything we expected from it – a challenging trail with the Mediterranean Sea, and a host of interesting events. So “Uvati Vitar” even though the youngest of the three XC marathons in the Croatian Cup with UCI category, in just two years of maintenance became a favorite among the participants and guests.

Entire editorial from “Biker” with even more than 240 contestants appeared on Saturday at the start of the race, which was in 3 lengths, Epic (103km), Master (37km) and Amateur (21km). Of course, the most significant was the longest one – 103 kilometers and a 2365 meters of total uphills, this one was scored for world UCI scores, so was attracted competitors from neighboring countries. The most challenging route started from the shore in Sutivan, and in 103 km of lengths it ran the competitors through the heart of the island Brač, all the way to the highest point of the island “Vidova gora” above Bol. In this category, celebrated the Bosnian professional Lejla Tanović from the Greek SMF Team, and in the male category Boštjan Hribovšek from the Slovenian Calci.

With a 5 minutes of space behind Epica, the 37km and 21km categories were started up, which, although shorter, made it very nice to conjure all the bicycle rides on the island Brač. From the short, deadly climbs, macadams overlooking the sea, rides through the olive groves, downhills made by scrap stones. All this under the powerful Sun, scorched by the scents of the Mediterranean, and blown by the wind from the name of the race from the beginning of the story …

This race with number of accompanying events around the finish managed to keep up until the morning light. That was certainly the result of choosing a good location on the waterfront, with a pleasant music, close to cafes, providing food for all participants, as well as an expo zone where you can see Giant and Scott bikes, and take their test models.

In the evening, the whole story was moved to the Modrulj club, where the organizer provided free sea food for all contestants, and with that gesture showed, once again, taht they are a top host. Since the race is held on an island to which is not easy and cheap to come, the number of participants is the best indicator that the organizer, TZO Sutivan with BK Grma and BK Spalatum, did a good job and can be a nice example for everyone that is possible to make good tourist results out of the season, because Sutivan guests spent the whole weekend looking for a bed more.

On Sunday morning, while Saturday’s contestants chilled on the Sutivan’s promenade, drinking first coffe, a few children’s races were organized at the Sutivan Park – organized by Aldura Sport. So the whole weekend with its events, has managed to offer something to everyone who can keep the balance on two wheels.